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This page explainis some how-tos and graphic standard guidelines to maintain a good-looking site. This page will be hidden from search engines.

Basic rules

  • Do not use more than one styling convention at a time – no bold italics and NEVER add any styling to a header (bad karma!). Every header tag is styled by the stylesheet (CSS document) for your theme.
  • Header 1 is reserved for use by the theme – you can use Header 2 and downward as needed, based on information hierarchy.
  • Always use the bulleted list (like this) or ordered list styling (icons in editor window) to create list rather than manually indenting items.
  • Do a “soft” paragraph return (Shift-Return) if you don’t want a paragraph to be created .
  • Do NOT add extra returns to create spaces; remember that the CSS properly spaces text content. If something doesn’t look right, talk to Dana about changing it globally via the stylesheet.
  • Remember that the editing window is just that – for editing, not designing.

How to add a product “buy now” button

shortcode-layoutCan be added to the Featured page or a post. You will need to put the image in yourself before you add the following shortcode, as below, adding the desired product ID. Because it is a shortcode, presentation is completely controlled by the theme’s stylesheet. The example at right (a screenshot) has two shortcodes, one after the other (with a paragraph return between). This may look different if done in a post versus the featured page.


Norah Rendell – Spinning Yarns (CD)


How to make great-looking “quotes”

Type in your quote and make the author name bold. Then put your cursor into that paragraph and click on the icon above that looks like a quotemark, as in the example below.

Spinning Yarns is a lovely album, a fine collection of traditional songs played and sung with real style sincerity and an obvious love for the material by a very talented woman. Joe Giltrap, The Irish Post


You can always chat with Dana via Messages on your Mac if you have a quick question at danawhittle@gmail.com or dana@vizou.com.