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Two Tap Trio – A Night at the Fair (CD)

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2010 release by the Two Tap Trio : Norah Rendell, Brian Miller and Nathan Gourley.

The Two Tap Trio mixes driving fiddle and flute duets with Norah’s voice, underpinned by intricate guitar and bouzouki backing.

“Norah is an exceptional singer.  A true standout, but she’s also a great flute player.” SingOut! magazine



Norah Rendell – lead vocals, flute
Nathan Gourley – fiddle
Brian Miller – guitar, bouzouki, vocals

Joined by guest musicians Tom Schaefer (fiddle) and Patrick Harison (accordion).


2010 / Two Tap Records.  All arrangements by the Two Tap Trio.

Recorded and mixed at Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis by Joe Mabbott

Produced by Two Tap Trio

Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering

Fair photos and graphic design by Lori Veinot and Dave Wortz at 1001 Words Photography

Outdoor band photos by Nick Lethert


Digital downloads of this album are available on cdbaby and itunes