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The Outside Track
Curious Things Given Wings

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2010 release from The Outside Track : Norah Rendell, Fiona Black, Cillian Ó’Dálaigh, Mairi Rankin and Ailie Robertson.

Text about the album here.

“The music takes flight the moment the CD is put in the CD player, and hits you immediately with its constant impact and drive”  Ireland Journal



Norah Rendell – lead vocals, flute, whistles
Fiona Black – accordion
Cillian Ó’Dálaigh – guitar
Mairi Rankin – fiddle
Ailie Robertson – harp

Joined by guest musician Alan Jordan (guitar).


2010 / Lorimer Records. All arrangements by The Outside Track

Recorded at Heriot Toun Studio

Engineered and produced by Mattie Foulds

Mixed by Mattie Foulds and Jamie Foulds

Mastered by Calum Malcolm

Package design by Colleen Cody

Photography by Holly Burgsma


Digital downloads of this album are available on cdbaby and itunes