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Promotional photos of Norah (solo, duo, trio and quartet). Click on a photo to view and/or download the high-resolution version.


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Selected quotes

“…clear, expressive singing, which is among the best on today’s Celtic folk scene. It all adds up to a brilliant album I could listen to all day–in fact, I just have!” – Stephen Winick, Huffington Post

“A fine singer of traditional ballads.” Alex Monahan, Living Tradition

“Rendell’s vocals are a revelation – pure, strong, and expressive.” Rob Weir, SingOut! magazine

“Norah Rendell takes lead vocals with calm authority” Colin Randall, The Telegraph, UK

“Wait There Pretty One shows a brilliant musical technical combination of the best of the Irish traditional approach and Norah’s stunning, purely Canadian voice.” Bill Margeson, Live Ireland

“A fabulous lead vocalist”  Dal Jeffries, Rock ‘n Reel magazine

“Brings sunlight into your heart and sets your feet a-dancing.”  The Munster Express, Ireland

“Her singing left me goose-pimpled all over – a sure sign of a gutsy, emotional delivery laced with meaning and pathos” Fred Silver, The Stornoway Gazette

“Norah is an exceptional singer.  A true standout, but she’s also a great flute player.” SingOut! magazine