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Preview of music from “Spinning Yarns”

Celtic Junction photo by Leah Evison Jan 31 2015Check out this video from a rehearsal for a concert presented by the Celtic Junction in Saint Paul on January 31st.  The song  features Brian Miller on bouzouki, Randy Gosa on guitar and yours truly, Norah Rendell on vocals.

For the concert, we tried using a single large diaphragm microphone.  It is a set-up I have always wanted to try for an acoustic concert of this sort, and it was a smashing success!  I was free to move, to sway, and look around without the constraints of having a directional microphone right in front of me.

Thanks to our good friend and sound engineer, Cormac O’Shea for taking the time out of his busy schedule on the day before the show to set up the sound and be our “ear” for this rehearsal.

I hope you enjoy our version of this beautiful vintage song, “Here’s a Health Unto All True Lovers”, sung by William Gilkie for Helen Creighton at his residence in 1950.

More videos of this music coming soon!