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No one has ever won Female Vocalist of the Year three times. Wait. Norah Rendell just did. Chicago Irish American News’ music columnist Bill Margeson has named Norah “Best Female Vocalist of 2016” in his annual Top TIR (Tradition In Review) awards. She is given this prestigious title for the third time (2011, 2012 and 2016), this time alongside legendary Irish and folk music artists such as Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Buttons and Bows, Colin Farrell and James Keelaghan.

Dan Neely, music writer for the Irish Echo, the USA’s most widely read Irish American newspaper writes about “Spinning Yarns”. “…Spinning Yarns” is a thoughtful, intimate exploration of Canada’s song tradition. The songs she’s uncovered are unusual and thoroughly enjoyable, and the arrangements smartly conceived and well executed. Highly recommended!”

Norah Rendell is the Canadian singer behind the beautiful new album, ‘Spinning Yarns.’ Blending a range of influences and inputs over twelve tracks, drawn from some interesting sources. Showcasing the power of both song and community, the album shows off the strength of Norah’s singing, and the conviction she puts into her music. It also speaks of the immigrant experience, as many of the pieces have their roots in the British Isles and Ireland. We spoke to Norah about the album, her singing roots and the songs she has encountered that make up ‘Spinning Yarns.’

“Exploring the traditional music of her native Canada, researching the roots and stories behind rare songs coupled with an enduring passion for conservation as much as innovation, Norah not only keeps memories fresh but invigorates them with new life.” Tom Franks, Folkwords

Norah receives a four-star review in the Irish Post. “Spinning Yarns is a lovely album, a fine collection of traditional songs played and sung with real style sincerity and an obvious love for the material by a very talented woman.” – Joe Giltrap, The Irish Post

Listen to an in-depth interview about Norah’s new album, “Spinning Yarns” with MPR The Current’s Radio Heartland host, Mike Pengra.