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Folk Alley Q & A with Norah Rendell

Folk-Alley-Logo_squareNorah Rendell is the Canadian singer behind the beautiful new album, ‘Spinning Yarns.’ Blending a range of influences and inputs over twelve tracks, drawn from some interesting sources. Showcasing the power of both song and community, the album shows off the strength of Norah’s singing, and the conviction she puts into her music. It also speaks of the immigrant experience, as many of the pieces have their roots in the British Isles and Ireland. We spoke to Norah about the album, her singing roots and the songs she has encountered that make up ‘Spinning Yarns.’

Read more of this fascinating online interview with Gideon Thomas of Folk Alley.com.

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Norah Rendell and the Lost Forty

Norah Rendell and the Lost Forty