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Updates on the solo album

Rehearsing with Brian & Daithi 2The album recording process is rolling along and I’m thrilled with how the songs are developing!  Brian Miller, Randy Gosa, Dáithí Sproule, Ailie Robertson and Adam Kiesling have each brought a unique perspective and sound to this project.  I feel it must be said that when it comes to accompanists of traditional song, this collection of musicians is truly an embarrassment of riches!

My album is being recorded at Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis with Joe Mabbott.  Joe has come a friend of Brian’s over the years – It turns out that he has recorded all of Brian’s albums since the Gaels and he is a joy to work with – relaxed, great sense of humour, and a skilled (fast) engineer.    We’re getting some great sounds so far.  There  are some days when the creative process feels drawn-out, but in the same breath, I find that I am revelling in the reflection that comes with this slower pace.  In the spaces between the productive creative bursts, I am able to take time to sit with the music over a coffee, a run or a bowl of porridge and let the feel of the recordings wash over me.  All in all, I’m very much looking forward to sharing this new music with you!

Here are a few photos from the recording process including the donuts Joe brought to the first session.  Those of you who know me well know that eating the donuts was almost as exciting as getting the first track down!