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Tradition in Review
 – Curious Things Given Wings

The Outside Track is out with a new album, recorded in the Scottish borders region. We want to name them, this is so good. Norah Rendell, from Vancouver—vocals, flute, whistle, Ailie Robertson—a Top TIR Award winning musician from this paper… and a Livies winner on harp from the world’s largest Celtic music site, LiveIreland.com. One of the best new harpists in the world. Mairi Rankin, singing, playing fiddle and step dancing – out of Nova Scotia and, yes, part of THAT Rankin Family. Fiona Black out of the Scottish Highlands on piano accordion. Wow! Cillian O’Dalaigh from Limericj on guitar and flute. Wow again! This is the best new group we have heard in quite a while. Stunning. This album is just the beginning. Wow! (Did we already say that?).

Bill Margeson