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Sing Out! Magazine – A Night At the Fair

Baso!magsed in the Twin Cities, the Two Tap Trio (fiddle, flute/vocals, guitar) are one of the most convincing Irish-American bands on their debut release, with a few touches of country, as on “Whiskey Evening”, although that’s hardly a far step for Irish music.  Norah Rendell is an exceptional singer, a true stand-out, but she’s also an excellent flute player.  The line-up gives a very light touch to the music, although they’re at their best on the faster pieces where they have a chance to show their impressive chops; that’s their focus, although they mix things up well, and they bring a true liveliness and joy to every tune.  It would be interesting to hear them do an album of songs (as opposed to reels and jigs), as the three here are outstanding, even something as sentimental as “That Tumbledown Shack in Athlone.”  That’s not to denigrate their excellent instrumental abilities, but both deserve more scope. There’s a great future ahead for these three!  -CN Vol 54 #4