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Quotes from Flash Company Reviews

Number 1 in London’s Top Ten selling folk records!

“The wealth of heritage and influence that gives The Outside Track their distinct sound builds its approach and execution on the inspiration of music from Canada, Scotland and Ireland and Cape Breton.” – Dan Holland, Folkwords, 2012

“The skill remains and the flair persists, as does the marvelous blend of heritage and influence but there’s an additional sublime poise that gives ‘Flash Company’ its deep-seated authority.” – Dan Holland, Folkwords, 2012

“Their grounding reflects their views on traditional songs and blends myriad elements of differing folk traditions. They also have the confidence to force their own creations from that legacy retaining the relevance of both.” – Dan Holland, Folkwords, 2012

“Being blunt for a moment, Flash Company is a bloody good album by any measure. It is smart, sophisticated, well produced and layered with some great tracks grounded in traditional music.” – Tony Lawless, Tradconnect.com, 2012

“Albums like Flash Company while grounded in traditional music do not need to rely only on this genre to make them a success. Their music has a broader scale and as a result can appeal to a much larger audience.  They take their work a few steps beyond the norm and are not trapped within its confines.  This is the mark of a band that can succeed where others stagnate, who can reach where others play safe.” – Tony Lawless, Tradconnect.com, 2012

“Simply damn fine music.” – Tony Lawless, Tradconnect.com, 2012

“Another thoroughly enjoyable effort from this still youthful quintet, whose membership and musical influences stem from Ireland, Scotland, and Canada, once again displaying excellent musicianship and choice of material, as well as arrangements that are imaginative and highly pleasing to the ear.” – Sean Smyth, Boston Irish Reporter, 2012

“This is a stunning album from some of the most talented young performers out there on the traditional music scene, Flash Company blazes the way forward bringing the freshest and most vibrant interpretation of traditional music I’ve personally heard in a long time. Fantastic!” – Folk Radio UK, 2012

****”The Outside Track play their mixture of traditional and co neo-traditional music with such directness and ease that it comes as something of a shock to see that they are still so young. They sound like seasoned veterans who can effortlessly find the heart of the music.” – Dai Jeffries, R2 Magazine, 2012

“This is a compulsive listen.” – Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine, 2013