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Quotes from Curious Things Given Wings Reviews

Wow and wow again! This is the best new group we have heard in quite a while. Stunning. This album is just the beginning. Wow! (Did we already say that?) – Bill Margeson, Tradition In Review

…simply a consummate blend of skill, talent, flair and intensity. Best of the best! The perfect blend. – Folkwords

They are obviously having a ball, and you can almost see them smiling as they reach the final chords. – Taplas Magazine

The music takes flight the moment the CD is put in the CD player, and hits you immediately with its constant impact and drive. – Ireland Journal

Their arrangements are imaginative and the playing is faultless. Celtic music – full of energy and virtuosity! – Folkworld.de

…this quintet has evolved into a powerful focused group. Curious Things Given Wings – an intriguing title for an enthralling CD which sets The Outside Track on a very promising course, highly recommended.  – Irish Music Magazine

But no matter, for the key features that marked out the band’s debut offering – a scintillating energy of execution, a real flair for keen instrumental arrangement and a responsive, yet tightly woven internal balance – are even better focused, and more persuasively showcased, on this intriguingly titled followup disc… Gorgeous vocal harmonies. – Netrhythms

All cracking musicians in their own right, but they combine brilliantly to produce a fresh energetic sound with great innovative arrangements and you can hear the sheer joy in their playing. – The Irish Post

Wondrous and exciting!Amongst these five young musicians there is a unifying spark that invigorates and drives them, this has to be the marriage of their traditional roots which originate from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and Vancouver. You can only begin to imagine how exciting it must be for them to play together and the kick they must get from connecting those influences with each other. The icing on the cake is how they interpret those traditions. Something that makes modern traditional music so wonderful is the flourishes and other influences that come into play in shaping their sound. This is where The Outside Track come into their own and it’s where the accordion, guitar, bodhran, fiddle, flute, whistles and Sievert Harp interlope and make their magic!… The arrangements are exciting and captivating and there is a live session feel to the recordings in as much that their energy comes across really well on the album… There is no doubt that The Outside Track’s latest release has proven that they are not only fine exponents of their musical traditions but that they are fine musicians who can enthuse and bring those traditions to a wider audience! – Folk Radio UK

From a loose collection of Limerick music students, this quintet has evolved into a powerful focused group. – The Living Tradition